Hannah Beaumont

Personal Details


Birthday: 21st December


Lives: Glasgow


Years on Squad: Six


Occupation: Lawyer


Height: 5ft 7’’


Eye Colour: Blue


Hair Colour: Blonde


Nickname: HB/H/Hanz


Star Sign: Sagittarius


Questions & Answers


Been dancing since: 4 years old


Dance experience: Ballet/Modern/Commercial


Favourite style of dance: Commercial


What advice would you give to aspiring dancers? Always believe in yourself.


What I do to keep fit: Hot Yoga & Dance


Three words that describe me are: Blonde, funny & loyal


How would friends sum you up in one sentence? Em…funny!?


I'm happiest when: With my girls or my family


My claim to fame is: I ate sushi with Orlando Bloom in Malibu


If I had a different job I'd be: Interior Designer


My hobbies are: Yoga & dancing


I've never been able to: Sing!!


Things that really annoy me: People eating with their mouths open/loudly


Favourite food: Japanese


Favourite movie: Pretty Woman/Working Girl


What song will definitely get you up on the dance floor? Any Queen B


What was your favourite TV show as a child? Powerpuff Girls


If you could have a walk-on part in any TV show, what would it be? Patsy, Ab Fab


What is your feel good DVD that is guaranteed to cheer you up? Bridesmaids


What would be your ideal weekend? Catching up on sleep…


Favourite location in Scotland: Edinburgh or Loch Lomond


Favourite colour: Pink


Favourite flower: White rose


Favourite perfume: Chanel - Coromandel


Favourite colour of nail polish: Nude


Favourite chocolate bar: Milky Bar


Is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit? It is a cake…


Favourite pizza topping: Chicken & Veg


What’s your signature dish? Carbonara


What would your last meal be? Fillet steak, medium rare, mushrooms, asparagus & truffle fries.


What is your favourite word? Fabulous


If you were to be Prime Minister for the day, what law would you pass?


What or who do you think you were in a previous life? Elle Woods. Literally.


If you looked in the trunk of my car you would find? Clothes!!


What's your 'handbag essentials'? Powder, lipstick, perfume, keys and last but not least, credit card


How many pairs of shoes do you own? You don’t want to know


Heels or trainers? Heels. Always.


Favourite outfit: A tailored suit


You are stranded on a desert island; you can only take 3 items, what would they be and why? My cuddly toy puppy; tanning oil & diet coke


Best beauty tip: Use a fab moisturiser... always!


Who would you want as your lead man in your movie? Ed Westwick


If you had to appear in a musical on Broadway which one would it be? Chicago


The person/people I most admire are: My Mum and Dad!


What is the best gift you have ever received? My cuddly toy, Puppy…


If your house was on fire, what objects would you save? My cuddly toy, Puppy. And my bags.


What is your most cherished item? Puppy


If you were on the run and had to change your name to ANYTHING at all, what would you choose? Blair Waldorf


Who would your ideal car passengers be? Lewis Capaldi – he seems a laugh.


What is the best thing about being a Rockettes Dancer? The girls, without a doubt!