Rockettes Dance & Cheerleading Coaching Packages

As well as entertaining at Scottish Rocks basketball games the Scottish Rockettes Pro-Dance Team offers coaching in schools, community clubs and at educational events to improve children's physical activity, motivation and interpersonal skills.


Looking for an exciting alternative to traditional PE classes or an after-school activity?


Scottish Rockettes Dance and Cheer Programme teaches dance and cheerleading skills to youngsters of all ages in schools and youth clubs all over Scotland's Central Belt. The Rockettes are arguably Scotland's top Pro-Sports Dance Team so pupils will learn from the best!


Our programme is specifically designed to help build confidence, encourage teamwork while also physically increasing flexibility and co-ordination in children of all age groups. We aim to persuade Scottish youngsters to follow our example and lead a healthy lifestyle… at the same time increasing fitness, offering new skills and most importantly allowing individuals to realise their own potential.


Cheerleading really catches the imagination and engages the interest of the children involved.


The Rockettes Pro-Dance Team promote and encourage:


• Clean healthy lifestyle

• Pupils to look after their bodies and understand the importance of exercise

• Individuals to take pride in personal appearance

• An interest in Fitness and Dance. With the Rockettes support the children's co-ordination will improve, together with boosting energy levels and concentration span

• Participation in teamwork

• Learning skills in self-discipline and commitment to self-improvement

• Help individuals to recognise their potential and therefore increasing confidence levels


An hour coaching session will include:


• Stretch and tone sessions – to increase flexibility and general over-all muscle strength

• Dance technique – instruct pupils through all levels of dance technique while ensuring correct posture and weight distribution which is highly important

• Specially choreographed dance routines tailored for pupils' level and experience

• Team-building activities to encourage the class members to work together and share ideas

• Fitness and Nutrition advice


Coaches offer:


• Enhanced disclosure check certificate

• Fully qualified Associate Dance Teachers / University Qualification (Rockettes coaches are not just 'basic cheer-technique' qualified)

• Instructors qualified to work with children with moderate and complex learning difficulties, behavioural problems as well as physical disability

• Teaching experience to children of all ages and abilities

• Friendly and outgoing personalities


The Rockettes offer the following types of sessions:


• Cheerleading

• Hip Hop

• Street Dance

…if there is a specific style of dance which you would like however isn't mentioned above then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Our coaches are trained in various styles of dance from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pilates and even Salsa.


If you are looking for a dance / cheerleading coach and would like more information about the Rockettes Dance and Cheerleading Coaching Package then please don't hesitate to contact us on 0141 334 4600 or e-mail